Saturday, May 23, 2009

one word

One word: queer. This word to me is everything. It is personal, it’s political, it’s individual and it’s collective. To me, I like to think of QUEER as anti-hetero, cuz I’m politically angry like that. And I don’t mean anti-heterosexual people, but I mean anti-heterosexual enforcement and media. I mean ANTI-compulsory heterosexuality, ya know like sister Adrienne Rich, I mean ANTI-heteronormative. And I don’t mean the individuals who are heterosexual, but rather the expectancy of it, the supposed normalcy of it, and the societal privilege that comes with it. QUEER. I love this word. I love its reclamation, its salvation, its declaration. QUEER. I love it because it’s androgynous, ambiguous, malleable, and bold. QUEER. This is the gray area I call my life, the identity that allows me to be who ever I wanna be, and LOVE who ever I wanna love. QUEER. This is the continuum I call reality, the space I call freedom. It is limitless and mixed and mobile. Queer. Yeah it’s okay if you think this, I, may be strange or weird. Somehow, not normal. But that’s okay. Cuz isn’t that the point?