Monday, October 13, 2008

what's in that water at the pizza place

Employee 1 starts the dishes and the soap suds tickle his nose. He sneezes into the sink and mucus plops into the water. Remnants conglomerate and it all forms to mush, clogging the drain completely, preventing any more polluted water from escaping into the rotting piping system. The soggy dough, curdled cheese, dismembered tomato sauce and the loose sausages, slippery pepperoni, leftover flour and the grease from soiled hands, migrating bleach, a cap from a sipped AW root beer swish throughout the rinse water. Dishes clang and bang into the metal framing.
Employee 2 sucks in one last drag and chucks her cigarette butt into the tub. She coughs and her elbow knocks a warm 20 oz pink lemonade into the utility sink from the cascading table.
Everything drowns to the bottom, where ingredients and chemicals and beverages and snot and grease and nicotine suffocate the drain.

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