Tuesday, March 3, 2009

all hail

All hail to the chief.
If I tell you something, believe it.
If you read something I give you, believe it.
If you see
what I see
on that t.v.
well you need to kill it.
You need to kill it.
Cuz that skinny chick
that annoying bitch,
she ain’t real.
That ain’t fuckin’ real
You can’t watch t.v.
cuz what you should see
ain’t gonna play on that t.v.
And if what you should see, is playin’ on the t.v.
well then that’s just ironic.
And it’s still not real.
And just keep feeding the t.v.’s
just keep reading the magazines
and just keep smelling that smell
of Abercrombie and Fitch, you know, you can smell it from the other side of the
mall. And you keep on smelling it, smelling it long after it’s gone.
So here you go, read this instead.
And no, I am not going to tell you the answer.
No, I am not going to tell you this from that.
Just, l o o k both ways before you crossover, and
figure it out yourself.
Don’t you ever get bored of watching the same damn thing,
don’t you ever get bored of hearing the SAME DAMN THING.
And, ain’t it kinda strange? Kinda weird? Just look around. There’s something weird
going on
around here.

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