Thursday, April 8, 2010

giant envelops versus little envelops

how exciting it is to receive a giant envelop from a grad school program i applied to and not a little one.

even though little envelops can have some okay news, like being wait-listed, for example.


emmapeelDallas said...

LOL! I had to smile, reading this. When I applied to the University of Chicago as an undergrad, I did so coming from a family where no one had ever even considered going to college. Of 7 kids, only my older brother and I completed high school; everyone else dropped out. So I didn't know about fat envelopes vs. skinny envelopes, and when I got a big, fat envelope from the University of Chicago, I put it on the floor of my room and spent 20 minutes walking around it, looking at it, wishing and hoping but not daring to open it. I truly thought they'd not only rejected me, but returned every piece of paper I'd sent them in the process of applying. I was so thrilled to be wrong!

brooke said...

haha wow that is a great acceptance narrative!! i can only imagine that heart-racing panic you must've been feeling.