Thursday, December 4, 2008

snip snip.

i cut my hair short again.
snip snip snip.
inches and inches of a long year's worth of p a t i e n c e.
there's some bleach and blond in there too.
falling to the ground, beneath my feet, beneath my swivel chair.
snip snip
locks of hair float like feathers, barely resting against the floor.
short hair like this, it's just me. who was i trying to fool?
not me no no.

in my sister's bathroom, she wears gloves and separates my new hair into sections and squirts the 'back to natural' hair dye.
squirt squirt.
brown, brown, chocolate mocha cappuccino hazelnut roasted chestnut BROWN.
i wait the 25 minutes, rinse, condition, and towel dry.
i comb my hair to the side and bring forth my little bangs with my fingers.
ah-ha. mhm. mmm. there i am.

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emmapeelDallas said...

And I can't wait to SEE! I'm looking forward to your visit, Brooke!