Thursday, February 12, 2009

thursday night

laundry machine whirling, pounding fast. the shower mat whipping hard around inside with the blanket that has spoiled milk stained on it from the kitties tipping it over. dishwasher whirring. whirr whirr. lots of dishes finally inside cleaning. all kinds of silverware, all my cereal bowls, my favorite coffee/tea mugs and also the spatula mike uses to flip his grilled cheddar cheese sandwich. the frying pan is in there too (after many uses).
coffee stains brown outlined like an amoeba on my countertop finally wiped away with fresh pine lemon scent sanitizer. after inhabiting its spot near the coffee pot in front of the microwave for a few days. longs days. now it's thursday, 11:30 pm and some of these things are finally cleaned. but not my bedroom so much. a pile of clothes lumps high next to my dresser and i am not sure what is clean and wrinkly, and what is dirty and worn.
counter tops rinsed off. days-old cooked frozen-pizza crumbs fed to the dog and wiped onto the linoleum floor. garbage truck comes tomorrow, so we take out all the trash and recycling then open the garage and put the large containers out onto the street. fresh deodorized bag goes into the kitchen trash bin. i dump crumpled aluminum foil inside, the holder of our hooka ash.
i creep into my sister's room, collect all the 2/5's full hard-plastic cups and nearly-empty fountain soda cups and dump the remains down the sink. recycle and dishwasher bound.
still listening to the whirr whirr and the whirl whirl.
maybe i will get to the clothes tomorrow. maybe my sister will empty the dishwasher. maybe i should throw away that old yogurt in the fridge.
don't forget to mail mom the W2 from brooklyn pizza co. what's the point of filing freakin taxes from a $7.75/hr job anyway. who freakin cares.
don't forget to fill out the time sheet for kore press. don't forget to turn in the attendance sheet for the grrls.
don't forget to pay off the $11 co-pay bill from psychotherapist Dr. Grossman's office. $25 co-pay? yeah right more like over $40 co-pay after the fact they tell me. no more of that stuff. that $11 bill has been sittin there like a dusty old candle on my desk since last semester.
don't forget to make a dentist appointment and don't forget to rebuild the resume. oh the resume.
don't forget to check the mail box! tell mom you bought another $5 movie off of on-demand.
peroni is one of my favorite beers, especially on a thursday night when i need it most. thursdays i need it most.
don't forget to laugh. just don't. set the alarm clock 7:04am.

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