Sunday, June 21, 2009

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below is a facebook note to my best friend tony who is in new zealand right now. he wound up in a small town who is totally shut down on sundays... meaning he has no where to find food. he is also brave and adventurous and took of to NZ alone. he is couch surfing (or at least trying), being harassed by germans in the local hostel for being american (totally lame and rude), and just bought a small car to travel around in. he was traveling with some random conservative chick from louisiana who wouldnt help him pay for gas. ugh! anyways, here's my note... copy + paste = Today at 1:03am.

hey tony! hope you're alright and i really hope you found some food. i just met up with taylore and to my surprise aaron was not there. it was really nice!! it's always so great hanging out with taylore when aaron isn't around. it's almost like old times when T is really awesome. anyway, i met her at "The Shelter" which maybe you've heard of. it's a "go-go boots wearin', martini drinking, swanky groovy lounge" on grant and alvernon. THEN we decided to go to "The Mint"-- a total dive bar just west on Grant from the shelter. total dive bar! me, T, and robin sang garth brooks' "friends in low places" for karaoke. you would've loved it. i was definitely thinking of you all night. i hope you're doing okay. ian's a huge asshole but i know things will turn around. i can't wait to visit you in december! much love. oh and BTW... NEVER order mildly fancy drinks at a dive bar... aka Yeager... fucking $6.25/shot at the fucking Mint! can you believe it? i ordered three shots before we did karaoke, and it cost me goddam 18.75. insane. i'm still guilt-ridden over it. i mean cmon! just dont order classy stuff at a dive. they charge you big!
mike and i are planning a little hike tomorrow at mt lemmon w/ sierra. mike has never been to mt lemmon so why wait. we really miss you! and i know you wanna come home cuz it's lonely but i know you'll get past it. going abroad solo is totally crazy! remember my first night in hungary i completely cried myself to sleep. anywayz, you will find your groove. it's only just begun. much love. i really love you a lot. xox

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