Friday, June 26, 2009

friday and i just wanna watch movies

the coffee is acidic in my stomach. i keep running to the bathroom.
it's friday and i don't wanna do anything. i need new running shoes and i need these blisters and bruises to heal.
that pretty bruise to the left is from a soccer game two weeks ago. some chick elbowed me right in the muscle. she had a really pointy elbow. tore up my bicep. there's a hard knot in the middle of it... ech.
i just wanna go workout! i did spend $47 on a summer membership to the UA rec center. gotta get my dollar's worth.
things i need to do today:
-kore press stuff
-read between the bars stuff
-get finger-printed for the millionth time for my new job at SAFS (yay for a new job!)
-finish graduation thank yous already!!
-go get more beat-up at my soccer game tonight.

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emmapeelDallas said...

Whoa, that looks like it hurts! Congrats on the new job!