Wednesday, February 24, 2010

road trip

tomorrow i will be DRIVING to las cruces to visit NMSU! i am quite excited. i received my "certificate of admission" about one month ago for acceptance into their MA in sociology and women's studies program. for one, it will be nice to escape for a short bit. two, it will make my grad school dreams a tangible reality. woohoo! but i am still waiting to here back from SFSU, SDSU, Roosevelt University, and UT Austin. i am scheduled to meet with THREE different professors (one being the sociology/women's studies director), take an official NMSU campus tour, and i will be couch surfing for my first time with a chica whose family has been in new mexico for over 8 generations and she is studying geography as an undergrad at NMSU. one of the other professors i will be meeting with is who i would consider to be one of the top scholars in the nation on femicides in the americas (particularly el paso/juarez). i am kind of nervous because i dont really know what to ask... but, she is a prof in the academy, so i am sure she has plenty of experience leading any conversation, esp. about her own work and her own university. well, i am about to go get my brake fluid flushed and revved, and get everything else peaked at since i will be traveling solo and i want my stuffs to be in shipshape.

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emmapeelDallas said...

I'm very excited for you, Brooke! I've been reading your posts on Facebook and I'm sorry this hasn't been the best experience, but that only means the best is yet to come.

Sending good vibes your way...