Saturday, February 13, 2010

staying or leaving

ya know, the most complicated postmodern feminist theory criticizes and exploits the very [racist, sexist, classist, patriarchal/nationalist, and heteronormative] power systems and historicities that essentially dictate our lives and ways of thinking. well, what about me thinking about some other things, like, for example, why can't i just pick up and leave? why can't i just drop it all and go? what is keeping me here? what regimented structure is holding the power over me to make me think that i cannot leave? that i should not leave? that it would be irresponsible for me to go? just leave it all? go somewhere else where i can live more humanely? where i can eat the food i grow, build the house i live in, give back to the earth what ever i take, speak to my neighbors like they were family and where i can take naps in the afternoon out in the trees? am i wishing for too much? i am. is it my social responsibility to stay here [doubly-bound in this Empire]? maybe it is.

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